Theo Bastiaens (Open Universiteit) elected as President of EADTU

During the recent General Assembly meeting in Athens (19 October 2022), Theo Bastiaens has been elected as President of EADTU. We thank Ricardo Mairal for his dedicated work as president of EADTU for the past two years (2020 – 2022).

The Vice-Presidency of EADTU will be taken over by Ada Pellert (FernUniversität Hagen). 

About Theo Bastiaens
Prof. Dr. Theo J. Bastiaens is rector of the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands. He is professor of Educational Technology and has contributed to numerous international publications in his field. Bastiaens was Vice-President for Digitalization and Internationalisation at the Fernuniversität in Hagen.

Supervisory Board
Besides the presidency, the new members of the EADTU Supervisory Board were elected in Athens as well.

Bastiaens in his new role as President of EADTU

'Old and new' members of the Supervisory Board