EADTU - European Association of Distance Teaching Universities

Renewed EU agenda for Higher Education

The European Commission has updated its Higher Education (HE) agenda. This new strategy stresses the importance of an inclusive European higher education system that must be open to talents from all backgrounds and the need for flexible HE programmes to give citizens the skills and resilience they need to effectively adapt in a changing world and contribute to the innovation capacity of society.

To this end, four priorities for action are formulated: 

1. Tackling future skills mismatches and promoting excellence in skills development; 
2. Building inclusive and connected higher education systems; 
3. Ensuring higher education institutions contribute to innovation; 
4. Supporting effective and efficient higher education systems.

This renewed HE agenda is very much in line with the EADTU strategies. Examples of long-term EADTU activities are EMPOWER, supporting collaboration and sharing of expertise between European universities, and providing specialist advice and guidance for institutional leaders on the latest developments in online, open and flexible education; guidance on open education initiatives and strengthen support services by regional expertise centres across the EU by OpenupEd; our Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) initiative is integrating SLPs in higher education systems responding to the demand of large numbers of students for a shorter more demand driven programmes and our quality assurance activities related to frameworks of (integrating) online and blended education. In addition, social inclusion and equality is essentially part of the integrated institutional strategies of EADTU members. In this context many members have special programmes to support refugees and newly arrived migrants. The latest strategies of EADTU are summarised in recent Summit conclusions.