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Webinar “Socially inclusive pedagogical models for MOOCs”

EADTU launches a webinar in the context of the ECO project. The webinar will take place on 27 July 10:30-12:00 CEST

A short introduction by Darco Jansen (EADTU) will be followed by five presentations of each 10 minutes and 5 minutes time for questions and a general discussion at the end.

Use this link if you want to join the webinar. Simple provide your name and email to join the webinar. When using Clickmeeting app for smartphones or tablets you need to provide the following Room-ID 389-241-428 (and for some apps also Participant PIN 967889#). Note that the webinar will be recorded.

General information on the topic
MOOCs are a recent innovation in digital, online technology, at the intersection of open education and online education, and can serve to advance both. They have the potential to increase access to higher education of high quality while bringing down costs, especially in the context of developing countries. MOOCs can also be used to increase participation in lifelong learning and training for very large numbers of people. However, different regional strategies are necessary to leverage the full potential of online learning and MOOCs for education and development. In this we should embrace diversity – equity and increase accessibility. MOOC provision (and collaboration on shared services) should account for diverse languages, cultures, settings, pedagogies and technologies. As such the generic MOOC model needs to be re-engineered to allow for a broad spectrum of approaches and contexts.
In this webinar the ECO-project elaborates the need of an adjusted pedagogical model for MOOCs such as to achieve the aim to use MOOC to provide quality education to all. This (seamless/social) sMOOCs model is based on constructivist and connectivist pedagogical theories which foster intercreativity and interculturality. We will demonstrate that MOOCs could be successfully designed and adapted to support the expansion of access to post-secondary education for all categories of learners and to maintain their motivation.

Agenda of the webinar
10:30-10:45 : Introduction + Using MOOCs for social Inclusion and equity by Darco Jansen (EADTU)
10:45-11:00: Challenges and MOOC strategies in the ECO project by Santiago Fano (Universidad de Oviedo)
11:00-11:15: Basic principles and design guidelines of sMOOC pedagogical model by António Teixeira (U Aberta)
11:15-11:30: Implementation in Step-to-Step MOOC in 6 different languages by Adeline Bossu (U Paris 3-Sorbonne)
11:30-11:45: Implementation sMOOC model in Polimi by Alessandra Tomasini
11:45-12:00: General Discussion

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