EADTU - European Association of Distance Teaching Universities

Benefits of EADTU membership:

EADTU has a European coverage and is regarded by the European Commission as a main interlocutor as far as lifelong open and flexible learning in distance higher education is concerned.

European positioning of your university
  • become board member, with eligibility for the Supervisory Board*;
  • receive membership of Rectors' Conference or Associations' Conference;
  • cooperate on faculty level in EADTU's Academic Networks;
  • get involvement in EADTU task forces on cutting edge topics in HE;
  • participate in European projects of front running universities*;
  • participate in mainstreaming strategy and innovation seminars;
  • let your interests be part of EADTU's consultations with the EU.
Sharing Expertise
  • become a partner with the most prestigious European open and distance teaching universities, consortia and research institutes and in European projects through a single access point;
  • receive latest information on research and development, especially concerning advanced application of ICT in educational and training environments;
  • get access and input to portals in the field of e.g. open educational resources, MOOCs, quality, virtual mobility and university-business cooperation;
  • find input from good practises in universities' strategies;
  • become involved in discipline based academic networks for open and flexible learning;
  • become part of a platform for bilateral and multilateral cooperation with fellow universities;
  • become an associate in quality for e-learning (E-xcellence Associates' Label);
  • become an expert in EADTU's service and expertise centres;
  • find contacts with external networks.
  • becoming partner of the OpenupEd initiative on MOOCs
  • participate in different expert pools
  • collaborate with other members in education, research, innovation in open and flexible learning, technology enhanced learning, university-business cooperation, etc;
  • benefit from collaborative curricula and virtual mobility;
  • co-organise graduate school activities at master and PhD level;
  • become involved in collaborative European projects;
  • valorise your knowledge/research in expertise and service centres, supported by EADTU (quality assurance, virtual mobility, open educational resources, university-business cooperation,...), responding to demand in higher education in European or worldwide.
Be informed on latest developments
  • always get the latest info on new developments in European higher education;
  • be represented on the EADTU web of quality providers of open and distance education;
  • receive EADTU's bi-monthly Newsletter and use it as your platform to the world of HE;
  • join EADTU's annual conferences as a member and present your university under the dedicated strands;
  • become part of EADTU's conference programme committee;
  • get assistance from the EADTU office and be informed on the latest news in e-learning.

*Benefits apply to all EADTU members, although ExCo membership is restricted to full members
*Project participation is open for all members, but funding may be subject to EU restrictions

Additional benefits

EADTU members and the staff of member institutions benefit from a discount on the EADTU Conference fee, and fees for other EADTU events. EADTU also enters into (occasional) partnerships to bring discounts for members for third-party events and other services.
For example, StudyPortals will provide EADTU members with a discount for their advertisement services offered on DistanceLearningPortal.