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Virtual mobility is an innovation in mobility schemes to provide students an international experience on-line. It is meant for students that are not in a position to travel because of other commitments or want to combine a virtual mobility scheme with a physical mobility scheme.

By virtual mobility, students are offered the opportunity to take a course from a foreign university within a mainstreamed setting. Meaning that you as a student take that course as if it is offered by your own university. Credits are accepted, the course is in line with the offerings of your own university and you can do the examination facilitated by your own university. The students will have an international experience by taking part in a programme fully developed by a foreign university, sometimes in a different language, including virtual meetings between students, and access to their library and student support. Actually a fully facilitated mobility programme on-line.It is not a second best alternative to physical mobility but an innovation in mobility that has its own benefits. Students develop for example skills to work or even manage teams on-line like in the (new) real world. Also, students can visit several universities online and build a more specialised or individual study-programme. It is different from distance education as virtual mobility is based on a contract between universities (to facilitate mobility) and not between a student and a university like distance education is. Therefore it is an extended, mainstreamed offer by your own university with an international experience as the main goal.