EADTU - European Association of Distance Teaching Universities
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Online, open and flexible learning is about fully exploring the potential of ICT to improve education and training systems and aligning them with the current digital world. With the opening up education programme of the European Commission, the Modernisation Agenda and by the MOOCs movement, the attention for online and flexible education is growing European wide. Consequently, the demand for quality references in online, open and flexible education is increasing as well and the need to extend quality assurance with specific criteria that fits innovations in education.

In cooperation with EFQUEL and ENQA, EADTU aims to promote excellence in the use of ICT in higher education, with a clear goal to prepare European universities for blended education and cross-border collaboration initiatives in the implementation of innovative and ICT enhanced partnerships. Two quality instruments that EADTU has developed to support this initiative are the E-xcellence and OpenupEd quality labels.