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The European MOOC Consortium

Our Mission

The European MOOC Consortium will strengthen the credibility of massive open online courses (MOOCs) as a learning approach in higher education by taking a leading role in developing the discourse relating to MOOCs and other innovative developments in online learning in Europe.

EMC goals
  1. EMC will develop activities to increase the awareness and use of digital education and MOOCs within universities
  2. EMC will increase the impact of each of its partners on educational policy by taking a lead in this area
  3. EMC will make MOOCs a widely considered option for employers seeking to close knowledge and skills gaps in the economy and for workers interested in changing careers.
  4. EMC and the partners will strengthen the continuing education sector by increasing the credibility and visibility of MOOCs
  5. EMC will promote collaboration between its partners in order to build a complementary offer of courses
  6. EMC will collaboratively build and conduct a research agenda on MOOCs in Europe

More detailed description of mission and goals of EMC is available in this document.

Founding partners  

These partners represent most of the MOOC development work in Europe in terms of learners and number of MOOCs, by offering together almost a 1000 MOOCs. Together, they represent a large network of 250 higher education institutions (HEIs) and companies working in a variety of European languages, including English, France, Spanish and Italian.

Recently the European MOOC Consortium (EMC) submitted a position paper with regard to the integration of MOOCs in the Bologna Process.

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