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Webinar "Sustainable Business models for MOOCs: the need for cross-institutional cooperation"

On 28 September 2016 EADTU organised a free webinar on "Sustainable Business models for MOOCs: the need for cross-institutional cooperation". The recordings are available on YouTube, each powerpoint is available as well (see agenda below).

Agenda of the webinar
10:30-10:45:   Introduction on MOOCs, their European dimension and ECO project
                       by Darco Jansen (EADTU)

10:45-11:00:    How to make / keep MOOC provision sustainable?
                        - overview possible business models from different stakeholders perspectives 
                        - what services should / must be provided at a decentralised level and what at a
                       centralised level 
                       by Darco Jansen (EADTU)

11:00-11:15:   Promotion of social inclusion and intercultural values through ECO decentralized models
                       by Angela Benavides Barahona (UNED)

11:15-11:30:   ECO MOOC offering at decentralised MOOC level : services on pedagogical approach
                       and quality assurance
                       by Divina Meigs (U Paris 3-Sorbonne)

11:30-11:45:    An overview of the ECO architecture
                       - how did we manage to integrate 6 different MOOC platforms?
                       - how can you plug your own MOOC platform into this architecture?
                       by Kjeld Loozen (Reimer IT Solutions B.V.)

11:45-12:00:   How to become a business partner of ECO
                       by Vicente Montiel Molina (Tabarca Consulting)