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Survey on MOOC strategies

The survey report of 2015  ‘Comparing institutional MOOC strategies’ is now available. In contrast to the 2014 survey the response as such does not represent the European Bologna area only. Only 3% of the respondents are related to countries outside the European Bologna area and French Canada. The European Bologna area still makes 85% of the total response. As such the results in this survey to a large extend can be compared to the 2014 survey (Jansen & Schuwer, 2015). The differences between countries are discussed as well, limited to those countries where the response can be seen as representative. Separately the following country reports are available for Turkey (Aydin, 2016), French Canada (REFAD,2016), Czech Republic (Rohlíková, Rohlík, Jansen, & Goes-Daniels, 2016), Finland (Lehto, Jansen, & Goes-Daniels, 2016),Israel (Kalman, Jansen, & Goes-Daniels, 2016) Ireland (Brown & Costello, 2016), Lithuania (Rutkauskiene, Gudoniene, Jansen, 2016)

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