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EADTU submitted a position paper on lifelong learning

EADTU submitted a position paper concerning lifelong learning and the development of the Bologna Process and the European Area of Higher Education. On the 17th of April 2018, this document was discussed on the EADTU-EU Summit with delegates of EUA and the European Commission and it is approved by the General Assembly of EADTU. Besides degree education, the universities organise continuous education, continuous professional development and open education (MOOCS, OER). These sectors are still underdeveloped in many European countries, about failing to reach the ET2020 objectives (See the EU Education and Training Monitor), while they have to meet the new educational needs in the economy and in society. 

Please find the EADTU’s position paper here. Related is the position paper of the European MOOC Consortium, which we support as well. The EMC-position paper can be found here.