EADTU - European Association of Distance Teaching Universities

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is responsible for the management of the EADTU as an institutional association. It operates within the conditions set by the General Assembly and is supported by the EADTU Office.
The Supervisory Board is a reflection of the membership and consists of the President, Vice-President and Supervisory Board members. The General Assembly (re)elects a President and Supervisory Board members. The Vice-President is elected among the Supervisory Board members. The executive term for all positions within the Supervisory Board is set for two years.


Members of EADTU's Supervisory Board

Tiana Alejandro baja def


Alejandro Tiana Ferrer
Rector of UNED

Foto Anja 2  

Anja Oskamp
Rector Magnificus
The Netherlands

Liz def  

The Open University
Liz Marr
Director of Teaching Learning and Teaching Innovation
United Kingdom

Arne Kjaer  

Aarhus University
Arne Kjaer
Director of the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media


Jean-Marc Meunier
President FIED

MB def   Dublin City University
Mark Brown
Director National Institute for Digital Learning
Republic of Ireland